ATOPALM has been selected as the No. 1 Korea Brand Power Index for sensitive skin for ten consecutive years.

ATOPALM…a line of products formulated specifically for dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin. The unique, paraben free, patented MLE-Multi Lamellar Emulsion formulas* containing plant derived ingredients, mimic the structure of the natural skin lipids and provide the ultimate in revitalizing the skins’ moisture through the restoration of the skin’s protective moisture barrier system. This enables it to successfully moisturize, soothe and calm skin that is experiencing agitation from allergies, rosacea and other conditions related to dry and sensitive skin. These symptoms can be a result of the skin layers being deficient in ceramide and fatty acids.  The rich, emollient, yet non-greasy technology advanced formulas, have the ability to soothe and calm while leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and looking noticeably firmer and brighter.

ATOPALM…Recognized by doctors, consumers, the media and on the web.

Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.